Customizable to any shape or size

Can be cut to any shape or dimension


Temprecision® Foam can be cut into any shape or size for your specific application. This benefit greatly maximizes the volume of your temperature assured cargo.

The maximizing of the internal cooling capacity and its associated volume with ThermaBrick® Refrigerant Brick, allows for maximum volume achieved for the temperature assured cargo.

We are currently working with world class temperature assured packaging companies to redesign the inside of their shipping solutions to maximize the space for the temperature assured cargo.

Internal payload volume increases, while exterior volume is held constant. This allows the users a decrease in corrugate or box purchases, and, at the same time, a decrease in logistic costs associated with shipping and maintaining the temperature ranges of that cargo.

Engineered Products Application Compression (PSI) Density (PCF) Fluid Absorption % Size (L x W x H)
Temprecision® Foam Foam used as a passive refrigerant 7.0 to 12 1.2 to 2.0 95% to 99% Any custom size up to 48” x 48” x 24”
ThermaBrick® Refrigerant Brick Sealed and delivered passive refrigerant 7.0 to 12 (when thawed) Based on customer criteria Varied – based on markets and customer specifications


thumb_01_60_60Reliability you can depend on

Dimensional Stability of Products
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Thermal Stability on the Surface of Passive Refrigeration
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Absorbing PCMs
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Will not Melt or Lose all of the Fluid if Compromised
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thumb_01_60_60Increase your efficiency

Customizable to any Shape or Size
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Can Absorb with High Efficiency
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Thermal Conductivity
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Maximizing the Internal Volume
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