Common situations our customers face:

  • Concerned a change of season is imminent (i.e. summer or winter) and the frozen or refrigerated packaging system they’ve chosen will lead to warm deliveries, spoilage, and disappointed consumers.
  • Worried because customer acquisition costs are likely total losses with a reshipment but need to prepare for potential poor social media reviews.
  • Frustrated about the results from a recent health department or FDA audit, or impacted by DOT regulations (i.e., dry ice).
  • Dissatisfied, they must compete against larger competitors with only a fraction of the resources. They are not shipping experts.

Whether refrigerated or frozen, we have the expertise and shipping solutions to meet your needs. From cheesecake and chocolate to confections, seafood, meats, and cheeses, we offer pre-qualified market-ready solutions or customized engineered solutions. Using Temprecision as a partner is your insurance for improved performance and innovation. Whether standard or custom, our cost-effective solutions use the right amount of coolant/insulation to meet your specific needs.

Key Benefits

  • Science driven pre-qualified performance to International Safe Transit Standards
  • Eliminate hazardous of dealing with dry ice and inefficiencies of off the shelf gel packs
  • Premium experience for end users
  • Reduce returns and failure rates
  • Customize with your logo
  • Environmentally friendly options available

Our Proven Process

Discovery Conceptualize Solution Screening Testing Solution Evaluation Implementation

Our proven process ensures the perfect solution. Let our experts handle the packaging, so you can focus on what you do best—amazing gourmet foods.

Temprecision Foam is a Cost-Effective Alternative To:

A cold gel pack

Gel packs that offer cheap refrigerants but cost significant payload capacity and leak.

A stack of dry ice cubes

Dry Ice requires a shipper to handle using personal protective equipment (PPE), actively manage the inventory/sublimation-loss, print and apply costly hazardous materials labels and, where they can potentially face fines.

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