ThermaBrick® Refrigerant Bricks vs. Gel Packs

ThermaBrick Refrigerant Brick compared to gel packs
  • Custom-size cooling elements are an exact match to the package design
  • Fewer cooling elements provide more efficient use of storage space in the box
  • Uniform temperature inside the box
  • No significant liquid leakage if the cooling element is damaged
  • Fewer questions and fears about the cooling liquid escape in case of damage by the customer
  • Dimensionally stable during freezing process and thawing equate to higher efficiency
  • Improved preconditioning storage possibilities, even in the freezer area, as refrigerants can be stacked easily
  • Well documented that shape distortion occurs with gel pack refrigerants during phase change
  • Shape distortion causes inconsistent heat transfer with gel packs
  • Payload temperature distribution is more homogeneous with ThermaBrick® Refrigerant Bricks
  • Payload reaches lower temperatures faster through conduction when ThermaBrick® Refrigerant Bricks are used
  • The payload temperature is more homogeneous and lower across the payload with ThermaBrick® Refrigerant Bricks

ThermaBrick® Refrigerant Bricks vs. Dry Ice

ThermaBrick Refrigerant Brick compared to dry ice
  • No hazardous goods, no labeling required, no parcel service restrictions
  • No complex logistics and safety measures, no personal protective equipment
  • Reduced risk for the recipients of the goods
  • More precise planning, even with increased shipping volumes, reduces costs or delayed deliveries
  • Efficient utilization of the storage space in the parcel
  • Flexibility in packaging provides increase in the number of shipping days in a week
  • Multiple uses depending on the application or through return programs
  • Cooling elements that can be private labeled and branded
  • Fewer complaints, better ratings by the customer
  • Creates the capability to pre-pack product that would improve labor scheduling and scale your business more easily during peak periods
  • Unlike dry ice, brick refrigerants present no danger to package handlers, freight companies, or consumers
  • Eliminates the cost to print hazardous materials labels, manage the inventory, personal protective equipment (PPE), closed storage safety measures, costs to apply and mitigated potential fine

ThermaBrick® Refrigerant Bricks vs. Rigid Plastic Bottles

ThermaBrick Refrigerant Brick compared to a rigid plastic bottle
  • Exact adaptation of the cooling elements to the packaging without expensive molds or tooling
  • Small-quantity production is also possible
  • Uniform temperature inside the shipper
  • Increased control over the temperature in the box due to exact dimensioning of the cooling power.
  • No over-or-under capacity, which reduces costs
  • No significant fluid leakage if the cooling element is damaged
  • Significantly faster freezing, especially with large quantities
  • No upfront tooling costs which saves tens of thousands

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