With best-in-class components, we can provide science-driven best-in-class solutions, providing your customers with the performance they can count on. Temprecision® Foam, ThermaBrick® Refrigerant Bricks, insulation materials, and a full range of PCM combine to provide your custom right-sized engineered solution. 

Our market-ready solutions are designed and tested in specific applications and are available now for dependable dock-to-doorstep delivery that has been fully tested and provides proven performance specific to the product you are shipping.

How does a Temprecision International Solution benefit you?

  • We offer ambient, refrigerated and frozen solutions (leveraging our proprietary PCM offering) that are tailored to your needs. We provide verified realistic and demanding climate tests using the ISTA-winter and summer profiles.
  • By utilizing the entire surface area in the container, maximum storage space remains for the products to be shipped. This saves money, the environment, and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Thanks to the coordinated dimensioning of the cooling elements, the container offers reliable cooling of the products even in hot summer temperatures.
  • This means you can ship your products with confidence – No matter whether it is winter or summer.
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Innovation & Quality Across all aspects of production

A focus on Innovation and Quality drives our production and continuous improvement. The science behind our product development is backed by the highest level of standards in production and quality. We monitor each aspect of product performance throughout our production process. 

Examples of our high standards for quality and production

Dosing process control / Coolant (wet weight) accuracy

We partner with customers to specify the volume of coolant necessary to maximize the efficiency of each ThermaBrick® Refrigerant Bricks design. We perform 100% testing to ensure each product meets its performance requirements and wet weight accuracy. Across millions of ThermaBrick® Refrigerant Bricks produced annually, we maintain a level of 95.5% or higher on our wet weight Quality Trending.

Film seal integrity

Extensive research is behind our film seal which our quality process frequently monitors and test to ensure integrity. We hold a 1.00 Cpk in our controls over seal testing.

PCM Validation

We verify phase change transition temperatures of our PCM’s to safeguard consistency. We validate performance in our labs utilizing 3-layer calorimeter and confirm transition temperatures through performance testing in production.


Our foam is compliance controlled through testing. Dimensional and wet weights are measured and globalization of standards to all locations is a priority. Certificate of Analysis is available upon request. This is a visual dashboard per truck load or product shipped.

Best practices / continuous improvement

Temprecision International follows a Lean environment with a thorough continuous improvement methodology around the concept of Kaizen Activity. There are many Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belts within the company that help provide tools for various projects. Each manufacturing site is required to perform a minimum of but not limited to 1 Kaizen Event Activity per Quarter. The Kaizen Events focus on Manufacturing, Process, Product, Or Service and drive improvements in relation to costs, space, efficiency, safety, quality, other production.



Current Good Manufacturing and ISO 9001 Certified seals of approval.

Safety is of the utmost importance – and the global participation helps to strengthen the thought of Global Standardization. Key Performance Indicators are tracked at all global manufacturing locations.

Our manufacturing facilities carry different types of certifications depending on location and customer needs. This provides improved customer satisfaction with more attention to detail on Quality by identifying risks and opportunities and prevention of reoccurring problems.  

ISO Certification

With ISO certification, a facility must organize and define clear, concise processes. Once these key processes are defined, they are then optimized. This clarity helps everyone better understand their responsibilities and improve the consistency on products and services that exist. When you document the Quality Management System, most typically can identify sources of scrap, unnecessary quality costs, and unneeded overlaps or redundancy in their processes. A decrease in waste can lower overall material and operating expenses, leading to greater profit. Certification also helps allow business to diversify the markets that we serve and help to expand the operations.

ISO requires following a set guideline to standards, which helps demand a focus on conformity to product requirements. This in turn promotes a consistency through process inputs like raw materials and how the work is performed, tested, down to how records are kept. This is important in maintaining a consistent quality system that can be measured and monitored over time.

Implementation of QMS through ISO Certification requires a TEAM Effort, thus resulting in an increased quality awareness due to training of staff. This has helped to develop a strong quality culture, where the staff can recognize problems in systems, or processes through indicators that can expedite to identify and resolve inconsistencies, thus, this optimization helps to keep operations running more smoothly and there are fewer disruptions.

Internal & External Audits play a huge role in maintaining the Quality Management Systems because they bring not only the facility into auditing their own process, but also a 3rd party auditor in that has experience in many other similar processes, to provide insight and learning to product and process improvements.

Overall, there is a greater visibility into the organization by management.

cGMP Certification

Current Good Manufacturing Processes was developed by The World Health Organization (WHO) to promote their commitment to international health and safety. However, WHO-GMP is more than a set of manufacturing guidelines. It is also a set of concepts, principles, and practices designed to assist manufacturers in meeting the ISO 9001 and HACCP Annexure C standards criteria for quality management systems.

5 KEY components of cGMP: 

  • Primary Materials and Products – (Quality, Safety, and Effectiveness are designed and built into the product, not tested, or inspected into the product).
  • Premises – (The site is operated in a clean environment with requirements towards design, cleaning, and personal hygiene. Equipment is properly maintained and calibrated).
  • People – (Proper training is required for all employees in regard to process, procedures, product, quality, safety, and personal hygiene).
  • Procedures – (Each step of the manufacturing process is documented and controlled to ensure that the finished product meets design and customer specifications).
  • Processes – (Key processes are verified and validated to provide evidence of compliance with cGMPs).

The cGMP guidelines help to define, control, and validate across lots over time.  Facilities are in good condition, equipment is properly maintained and calibrated, employees are qualified and fully trained, and processes are reliable and reproducible. Any changes to the manufacturing process must be evaluated and approved through a documented risk management change control system.


Temprecision International realizes the value and importance of being both ISO in key supply chain items, and cGMP in related markets. 

ISO is a quality management system that is used to ensure superior quality and consistent improvement. cGMP includes all guidelines relating to process validation, comprehensive corrective and preventative action, vendor qualification, good laboratory practice as well as design and management reviews. Products manufactured under conditions and practices required by cGMP regulations to assure that quality is built into the design and manufacturing processes at every step. 

Certifications are available upon request.

Our focus is Precision in Temperature.

To accomplish this, we:

  • Act as a solutions provider/trusted partner
  • Develop temperature control solutions
  • Solve cold chain management problems
  • Prove it with science

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