Our global research labs offer the equipment and resources to support:

PCM Testing

  • Differential scanning calorimetry: Equipment used to measure latent heat storage capacity of phase change materials. Testing in accordance with ASTM E793-06(2018) and (PCM). (RAL Quality Association PCM, RAL-GZ 896)
  • 3-Layer Calorimeter: Equipment used to measure latent heat storage capacity of phase change materials (PCM). (RAL Quality Association PCM, RAL-GZ 896)
  • Densimeter: Instrument used to perform accurate density measurements over a specified density, temperature, and viscosity range. Density Accuracy: ┬▒0.0005 g-cm-3
  • FTIR: Equipment used for identification of chemical nature from organic base phase change materials.
Two graphs comparing the PCM levels in Temprecision Foam
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Cold Chain Shipper Testing

Environmental test chambers: Temperature and humidity testing to verify packaging against the test standards set forth by ISTA (7D), AFNOR. Calibration in accordance with NIST and ISO17025 – A2LA. Calibration certificates are available upon request.

Insulative Materials Testing

Heat flow meter: Equipment for measurement of thermal conductivity and thermal resistance measurement, critical for defining energy efficiency and thermal performance in materials. Testing in accordance with (ASTM C518, C1784, ISO 8301, JIS A1412, EN 12667, EN 12664).

Chart comparing summer and winter profiles for cold shipping boxes
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Temprecision International will act as your trusted partner and solution provider to develop temperature-controlled shipping solutions that meet your needs for ambient, refrigerated, or frozen applications and support these solutions with scientific testing.