Those who provide storage and logistical operations related to drug distribution must obtain a state or federal license, and frequently come to us about:

  • To determine if they are following cold chain practices correctly because they lack in-house expertise.
  • They are forced to buy frozen, refrigerated, or control room temperature refrigerants often specified by others for distribution to wholesalers, hospitals, clinics, and retailers.
  • Seeking to minimize liabilities while still providing cGMP/ISO/DSCSA compliance with supporting infrastructure, protection against theft, and offer 24/7 temperature monitoring while proactively managing against inclement weather or clearance delays
  • Minimize risks to revenue stream while still delivering temperature-sensitive products in applications from diagnostics to prescriptions to clinical trials.

Our best-in-class components combine to create best-in-class solutions that cost-effectively reward customers for shipping in just the right size box, using the right amount of refrigerant to minimize box weight and dunnage. Temprecision International offers a range of solutions to cater to all needs.

Our Science-Driven Solutions are Backed by:

  • 20+ years of cold chain experience
  • cGMP and ISO certification
  • Global coverage
  • Rapid customization
  • Global research & technology team

Our Proven Process

Discovery Conceptualize Solution Screening Testing Solution Evaluation Implementation

Our proven process ensures the perfect solution. Get in touch with our team to help you find compliant options for global refrigerant storage, re-icing, and/or brick replenishment stations.

We offer a Cost-Effective Alternative to:

A stack of dry ice cubes

Dry Ice requires a shipper to handle using personal protective equipment (PPE), actively manage the inventory/sublimation-loss, print and apply costly hazardous materials labels and, where they can potentially face fines.

A cold gel pack

Gel packs that offer cheap refrigerants but cost significant payload capacity and leak.

A rigid plastic bottle

Rigid plastic bottles that are costly and require an initial high carbon footprint that reduce coolant capacity and promise reusability but often don’t offer a return program.

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