temprecision® FOAM

Temprecision International manufactures a high quality open-cell absorbent foam from a unique resin system for temperature control applications.

Key Features

  • Available in any shape and size  
  • Absorbs a variety of phase-change materials
  • Optimizes cell size
  • Unique surface tension to retain fluid and minimize escape
  • Better energy storage
  • Prevents tumors or distortions
  • Maintains stackability
  • Most efficiently optimizes the contents of a container with a temperature sensitive product



  • Easily customizable  
  • Absorbency


Solution oriented manufacturers of coolants for temperature controlled packaging


The safe transport of blood, therapeutic drugs, vaccines, chemicals, gourmet foods or mail order meal kits

A cost-effective alternative to:

Gel packs or rigid plastic bottles

Temprecision® Foam Properties

thumb_01_60_60Reliability you can depend on

Dimensional Stability of Products
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Thermal Stability on the Surface of Passive Refrigeration
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Absorbing PCMs

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Will not Melt or Lose all of the Fluid if Compromised
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thumb_01_60_60Increase your efficiency

Customizable to any Shape or Size
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Can Absorb with High Efficiency

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Thermal Conductivity
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Maximizing the Internal Volume
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