thermabrick® refrigerant bricks

ThermaBrick® Refrigerant Bricks offer customized shapes with safe, multi-use, cost-effective cooling capacity for temperature control applications to reward customers for shipping in just the right sized box using refrigerants that minimize box weight and dunnage.

A cost-effective alternative to:

Dry Ice; which requires a shipper to handle using personal protective equipment (PPE), actively manage the inventory/sublimation-loss, print and apply costly hazardous materials labels and, where they can potentially face fines. 

Rigid plastic bottles that are costly and require an initial high carbon footprint that reduce coolant capacity and promise reusability but often don’t offer a return program.

Gel packs that offer cheap refrigerants but cost significant payload capacity and leak.

Key Features

  • Offers cost-effective cooling capacity 
  • Available in any dimension to eliminate dunnage
  • Mantains stackability
  • Printable with your company logo
  • Most efficiently optimizes the contents of a container to minimize box weight
  • The foam absorbency actively masks most leaks and punctures
  • Targets dimensional weight pricing strategies



  • Optimize the cube of a product packout and stacking in order to require fewer pallet spots for delivery 
  • Present no dangers to package handlers, freight companies, or consumers 


Solution oriented container manufacturers that desire to sell safe and effective coolants for temperature controlled packaging 


The safe transport of blood, therapeutic drugs, vaccines, chemicals, gourmet foods or mail order meal kits  

•24121512 (Cold pack or ice brick)​
•42142108 (Therapeutic cooling pads or packs)​
•42142100 (cold therapy)​

SIC code: 308,30​

NAICS Code: 326150​

Thermabrick® Refrigerant Brick is a cost effective passive refrigerant that is customizable to any size and shape.

Thermabrick® Refrigerant Brick is a process efficient product that will reliably mantain your cargo´s temperature.


thumb_01_60_60Reliability you can depend on

Dimensional Stability of Products
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Thermal Stability on the Surface of Passive Refrigeration
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Absorbing PCM’s
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Will not Melt or Lose all of the Fluid if Compromised
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thumb_01_60_60Increase your efficiency

Customizable to any Shape or Size
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Can Absorb with High Efficency
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Thermal Conductivity
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Maximizing the Internal Volume
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